The New Advanced Interface For Online Calculator allow the Users to modify selected HelMod Parameters within the same range studied in Boschini et al. ApJ 2017 .


LIS tables are now available for Proton, Helium nuclei and Antiproton as reported in Boschini et al. ApJ 2017 .

LIS txt files are available both in [m\(^2\) s sr GeV]\(^{-1}\) and in [m\(^2\) s sr GV]\(^{-1}\).

New version 3.4.0 Released

For registered users is available the HelMod Solar Modulator for Ions (Z>=3). The Module is available from CR1908 to CR2187 for Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Oxigen, Silicon and Iron.

Available for registered user the long description about Diffusion parameter.