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HelMod Online calculator (version 4.0.1) [year,month]:

History of Major Change in WebModel

Feb 10th 2021
Jul 17th 2020
  • updated simulation availability for electron, proton, helium, Carbon nitrogen, oxygen, Fluorine neon sodium. see actual availabilty.
Jun 2nd 2020
Mar 10th 2020
Feb 11th 2020
  • Updated Published LIS List
  • Updated Avaliable LIS List, Now 30 particle's LIS are available
  • Correct minor bug in Module output file
May 6th 2019
Mar 4th 2019
Mar 1st 2019
Feb 25th 2019
  • New web calculator.for Differential intensity integrated over the mission duration and forecast. This calculator integrates all the previous calculator introducing new features.
Dec 11th 2017
Dec 9th 2017
  • Added to Solar Modulator the possibility to compute flux at several distance from Sun.
Dec 7th 2017
Oct 30th 2017
  • The New Advanced Interface For Solar Modulator allow the Users to modify selected HelMod Parameters.
Nov 13th 2017
Oct 30th 2017
  • The New Advanced Interface For Online Calculator allow the Users to modify selected HelMod Parameters.
May. 24th 2017

May. 19th 2017

Jan. 26th 2017

Jan. 12th 2017

  • A systematic cross check between Solar Modulator and Online Calculator was performed for proton, antiproton and helium. Additional systematic discrepancy must accounted in  modulated spectrum not covered by experimental data listed here (or covered by years-integrated experimental data like, e.g., 2011-2013).

Jan. 2nd 2017

Nov. 1st 2016

  • Online script use  asymmetric experimental errors.
  • A new best configuration setted as default.
  • Solar Modulator updated up to CR2178.  
  • Online calculator and Solar Modulator accept plain text file as input for the LIS
Sept. 1st 2016
Web program and documentation online.