From Bobik et al. (2011): Comparison of Antiproton over proton ratio at 1AU

ASTRA2011 Fig2 3

From Bobik et al (2012): Modulated Galactic Cosmic rays differential intensity at 1 AU during solar cycle 23

ApJ2012 Fig4 5

ApJ2012 Fig7 8

ApJ2012 Fig9 10


From Della Torre et al. (2012): Magnetic drift effect for a typical sola minimum on electron and positron (opposite charge sign). Experimental effect on positron fraction in two consecutive solar minima of opposite magentic field polarity.

AdvSR2012 fig1

AdvSR2012 fig5

From Bobik et al. (2013): latitudinal gradients in the inner heliosphere

AdvAstr2013 fig2


 From Bobik et al (2013): latitudinal relative galactic cosmic rays intensity along the ulysses orbit.

ICRC2013 fig1ICRC2013 fig2