By exploiting experimental results, the combined effort of the physicists involved with the Galprop  model for propagation in galaxy and HelMod for the propagation in heliosphere, the local interstellar spectra (LIS) for Galactic Cosmic Rays species  up to Z=28 (Nickel) were derived. These spectra are available and accessible from the current webpage.


Some of the currently available LIS's were derived accounting for AMS-02 data published up to TV rigidity region. The exploitation of AMS-02 data allowed one to approach the procedure with high statistic data of unprecedent accuracy. Currently, for cosmic rays species with Z>8,  HEAO3-C2 observations at Earth (from october 1979 to June 1980) were employed. Furthermore, it has be be remarked that he ratio between HEAO3-C2 normalized LIS and AMS-02 normalized LIS was estimated to be 1.049\(\pm\)0.069. for Boron, Beryllium, Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen CRs.

Figure LISVoyager
LIS's - obtained from the Galprop-HelMod join effort - were optimized  using Voyager 1 measurements (from Cummings et al 2016) outside heliosphere.


Galprop-HelMod join effort


Currently published articles regarding local interstellar spectra (LIS):