WARNING Note: default LIS for Ions is not yet available, use Preliminary LIS instead


Use Default LIS on 2022-10-02 (Oct 2, 2022) to reproduce the following example:

Simple instructions:

  1. Use the first drop down menu to select the species Galactic Cosmic Rays to be modulated.
  2. Use the second drop down menu to select the Experiment dataset (the list of available datasets depends from first step selection).
  3. Browse on your computer to select a proper GALPROP fits file.
  4. Submit the module and wait few seconds to see the result.

Important Note for TXT LIS:

If you provide a txt file for LIS make sure that:

  1. The file should have a mime type 'text/plain' (Checkout this list for allowed extensions).
  2. The file must contains two columns only:
    1. one for kinetic energy per nucleon [GeV]
    2. the second for the LIS flux [ (m\(^2\) s sr GeV)\(^{-1}\)].
  3. The file can contains comments. Line starting with '#' character will be ignored.